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Draft Local Plan comments and next steps

Consultation on the Draft Local Plan and the Sustainability Appraisal took place between 20 September and 15 November 2019.

Response reports containing all duly-made comments on the Draft Local Plan (i.e. made during the consultation period) are available for viewing.

Due to the size of the reports, they have been split into sections.

Next steps

The Council is now reviewing all the comments received during the consultation on the Draft Local Plan, which total over 8,000 from over 2,000 individual responses.

The comments are published now ahead of the next iteration of the Local Plan, so people can see the full extent of others’ comments on particular issues.

It is emphasised that there is no consultation on the submitted comments themselves. If the Council requires any clarification or further information, it will contact the organisation or individual concerned.

However, there will be a further opportunity to make representations when the next version of the Local Plan (the ‘Pre-Submission Local Plan’), which will have taken into account the duly-made comments, is published.

Given the volume and range of issues raised, it will inevitably take some time to fully consider them.

This may extend the current timetable for when the Pre-Submission Local Plan is due be published – which is set out in the Council’s Local Development Scheme (September 2019). In this event, a revised Scheme will be published and an Update provided.

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