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About the new service

Here’s everything you need to know about your new waste contract and the new services that’ll be introduced later in 2019.

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What's changing?

When the new contract starts on 30 March 2019, waste and recycling collections will continue as normal.

From September 2019, a new suite of services will be introduced.

The table below shows the current collections and the new collections, as well as how often they’ll take place.

Current collections New collections, from September 2019Frequency
Plastic and cans recycling Plastic, cans and glass recycling Every 2 weeks
Paper and card recycling Paper and card recycling Every 2 weeks
Household waste Household waste Every 2 weeks
Garden waste Opt-in garden waste Every 2 weeks
  Food waste Weekly
  Small electrical items Every 2 weeks
  Clothes and textiles Every 2 weeks
  Household batteries Every 2 weeks

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