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Food waste bins

Food waste bins
From 30 September 2019
Your food waste bins are for leftover food: cooked and raw.
Weekly collection: On your recycling and refuse weeks, together with all other containers collected on that week.
How to use your food waste bins:
1. Kitchen caddy
Kitchen caddy

Use for all cooked and raw leftover food.
No packaging please.

2. Outside food waste bin
Outside food waste bin

Empty the kitchen caddy into the outside food waste bin and lock the lid by moving the handle to the upright or forward position. Put it out for collection every week, next to your other bins where it can be clearly seen.

compostable logo

If you line your kitchen caddy, use newspaper, paper bags or compostable bags (look out for the SEEDLING logo). If using compostable bags, please do not tie the top as it takes longer to compost. No plastic bags, thank you.

What can go in the bins?
Dairy products (eg cheese)
Dairy products
(e.g. cheese)
Tea bags & coffee grounds
Tea bags and coffee grounds
Meat, fish & bones
Meat, fish and bones
Bread, cakes & pastries
Bread, cakes and pastries
Rice, pasta & beans
Rice, pasta and beans
Leftover & uneaten food
(inc. pet food)
Fruit & vegetables
Fruit and vegetables
What cannot go in the bins?
  • Oil or liquid fat
  • Liquids
  • Packaging
  • Plastic bags or wrapping
Check your collection dates calendar
What happens to the collected food waste?
The food waste is taken to a local facility where it is composted using a natural process, which means it is safe to use as a soil improver on local farmers' fields. If you already compost at home, please continue to do so. You can use your food waste collections for any food that you do not want to compost yourself.

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