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Ask for help putting your bins out (assisted collection)

If you have difficulty moving your recycling boxes or wheelie bins due to your age or a disability, you can apply for an assisted waste collection service.

How does it work?

We will review your application and we may contact you to discuss your needs and agree a location for your containers to be stored.

Once you are setup for the service the collection crew will come and collect your containers from the agreed location, instead of you having to present them at the kerbside.

Who is it for?

Assisted bin collections are for people who can't put their bins out at the kerbside.

This can be a temporary service if you've picked up an illness or injury. Or it can be a permanent service if you're an older resident or disabled.

Before you start

You should only apply for this service if you have no one else in the property able to put the bins out for you.

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